Invitation to MediaTemple (dv) 4 Private Beta

(mt) Media Temple 邀请我参加 (dv) Dedicated-Virtual 4 server 的 beta 测试,貌似一月中旬就会公开卖了

不错,目前俺的 就跑在这台(mt) Media Temple 的dv 4上


  • Premium HP hardware, with SAS disk drives in RAID 10 configuration for high performance and data integrity
  • Virtuozzo 4.6 – the most efficient virtualization in the world: Secure, Reliable, Blazing Fast
  • LAMP:  CentOS 5.5  (64-bit)  |  Apache 2.2.17  |  PHP 5.3.3  |  MySQL 5.1.52
  • Plesk 10.0.1 uses less memory and has many new exciting features
  • Root access for complete control
  • More Scalable:  7 upscale/downscale resource levels with up to 50% more disk space than (dv)3.5:
    • RAM   |   DISK
    • .5GB       30GB
    • 1GB        60GB
    • 2GB      120GB
    • 4GB      240GB
    • 8GB      325GB
    • 16GB    600GB
    • 32GB      1TB
  • Great new features:
  • Located in VA for amazing performance in North America, Europe and South America,貌似在 LA 的对中国用户快点
  • As always, backed by celebrated (mt) Media Temple Support

(dv) Dedicated-Virtual 4 is built on a strong foundation, giving you superior performance, greater flexibility, complete control, plus exciting new software and features.  We aimed to make (dv) Dedicated-Virtual 4 to be the ideal server to support your applications, development, and internet presence.

粗略的过了一遍,貌似 Plesk 10 可以自定义网站根目录,加强了数据统计,php运行模式可选 apche 、fastCGI、CGI

MT的后台可以直接看dv的 资源占用,当然之前偶一直用自己的api,不过 (mt) Media Temple 搞官方的出来应该比我的好使,期待


现有 的MT用户是dv3.5,按照惯例应该不久就可以到 4.0 了